Well, the Sceadwian installation goes up a week from today, and I’ve officially hit the jittery, nervous part of the artistic process. The assembly is running on time right now, and everything appears to be falling into place nicely, but I’m finding little comfort in that. My adrenaline is running high and every muscle in my body is braced for the unseen crisis I just know is coming.

But, as Scottie pointed out this afternoon, no amount of anxiety on my part is going to make this week go by any faster, or the installation go up any more smoothly. I’m trying to set my worries aside and focus on the things I can control — moving forward steadily on finishing the assembly, polishing an artist statement, and creating a plan for the day of installation. It’s not making me feel a lot better, but at least the project is coming together.

Today I finished assembling the wood-and-cable skeletons that will support the fabric sails. The photograph above shows the sails laid out on the paint studio floor prior to assembly. I am finally starting to get a sense of their scale and the intense sense of upward motion they will create. Each sail is just under 12ft. tall, and the largest (far right) is 25″ wide at the widest point.

In spite of feeling so nervous about all the things that could go horribly wrong in the next six days, I’m also increasingly excited to see this project take on its finished form. I’m looking forward to standing in the cold snow, craning my neck to look up at these spires of taut black fabric. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing them snap and whirl in the changing wind. I can’t wait to run down first thing in the morning to see them encircled by early fog, or to slip down in the evening to watch in silence as their hard lines are softened by the movement of falling snow.

Soon. Very soon, indeed.


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About Sarah Jane

Working artist, university professor, community educator. Currently living in community at the Grunewald Guild, Leavenworth, WA.

3 responses to “Anticipation”

  1. Laurie says :

    Ill be crossing my fingers for you this week!

  2. Sarah Jane says :

    Thanks, Laurie! I’ll be sure to post lots of pics on Facebook as it goes up. I really wish the artist group could be here to support & encourage me now.

  3. Laurie says :

    We all wish that we could too. But rest assured we are all with you in spirit!

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